Be prepared to redefine the concept of maintenance

Cancel the distance between the field operator and the experienced expert.
Is simple and flexible.

Oversee remote maintenance work at any distance
Hands free operation
Drastically reduced intervention time
Reduce costs
Satellite coverage

Linup Maint:

Video calls, share, listen.

User friendly camera to resume the surrounding environment.

Endoscopic camera, backlight and adjustable fire.

Phablet full HD, handles multiple devices and allows you to view documents, image and videos.

Headset Bluetooth: clarity in communication.

A versatile product, to meet your needs

Linup Maint is made up of a standard kit, but is an open system,
allowing you to integrate various devices as needed.

One expert for more interventions

No direct intervention of the on-site expert is required:
one person can coordinate more activities around the world.

Maintenance with you everywhere.

Practical, compact, all devices are rechargeable at one and the same time.