The LinUp ONE product, aims to make lean philosophy, lean:

Analyzes and creates a full report to be used to reduce waste and undercover costs.

Optimizes and reviews the product process

Performs Muda, Mura, Muri, SMED analysis, as well as, developing standard operating instructions (SOP, JES).

LinUP ONE  is based on a technology which has an international patent.


LinUp Ergo is a specialized solution for assessing human ergonomics applied to the manufacturing industry. Linup Ergo measures, in complete autonomy and safety, the ergonomics of a workplace and the environment that surrounds it.
The Linup Ergo system was developed and patented in collaboration with the Second University of Naples.
It can specifically examine:

– Torso and arm movement
– Space orientation
– Movement count
– Count of pre-defined movements in range

 Linup Ergo uses hardware tools worn by the operator, for measuring, these are nothing more than sensors placed on the wrist, forearm and the worker’s back, equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. The algorithm of “sensor fusion”, which manages the 3 sensor data, allows you to locate the position of the body in the space (suspension), this allows us to overcome the critical magnetometers thanks to proprietary algorithms.
LinUp Ergo uses a dedicated and customizable software, which analyzes the data collected from the sensors and then goes on to translate them into an analytical report.

LinUp Maint

Linup Maint, allows operators to receive, send and manage audio and video information in real time in conjunction with a control center located anywhere in the world; it provides services for sending and sharing tools with remote assistance, in order to intervene on the visual field of an operator during work interventions. These services and tools to be shared with remote operators, concern,  inspection procedures, manuals, design drawings by experts.

Linup Maint manages bidirectional information by using three tools:

Smart Glasses fitted with videocamera –
SW Platform and applications on the smartphone LinUP Maint Desk –
Wrist Smartphone positioning on the worker –

The advantages of the system are:

In real time distance support –
Zero costs concerning specialistic intervention –
Cost reduction for network assistance –
Time reduction concerning break down time –
Checking of the carried out intervention –
Chronology of the activities carried out by the worker –