Humane Centered

In the era of Industry 4.0, SMEs are forced to optimize the production system, by reducing time and costs.

Thanks to our technicians and patents, Innovative LinUp Startup, has created an integrated hardware and software system which allows to introduce in SMEs, the concept of methodologies and instruments of analysis of the production process, until now only utilized in Large Enterprises.

These concepts, fall under the name of Lean Manufacturing; they are revolutionary as they completely change the organization of production as they make them lean.

The objective is to produce only what is necessary for the client: zero stocks, zero mistakes and zero interruptions in the work cycle.

Today as LinUp instruments we provide:

  • Made accessible the analysis for the deduction of costs and the monitoring of the processes with a very contained initial investment for SMEs;

  • Automated analysis by acquiring the data directly from instruments that are worn by the operators without actually interfering with ongoing activities;

  • Created software which memorizes and analyzes all the ongoing activities of the operators in productive environments;
     Have developed algorithms in order obtain waste mapping.

  • Developed  sensors which are able to monitor and guarantee the ergonomy of the work station, therefore complying to work regulations;

  • Reduced to minimal external consultancy intervention;

  • Created training modules in order to train resources in developing waste maps, which are subsequently ready to be implemented to the productive model, current and future.