Innovative System

The LinUP product can:

  • Reduce waste, die changing, working hours of employees  in the manufacturing field.

  • Improve the ergonomy of the work place

  • Manage in a profitable way the maintenance operations

  • Optimize the logistic flows

LinUp Glasses. An eye on efficiency

LinUp Glasses are equipped with an HD camera specially modified to film the environment in the proximity of the wearer and his movements.

The camera is able to store images and videos as well as transmit the data at a distance.

An important part within the process of application of lean manufacturing or WCM, is the analysis of human activity in the workplace.
During this stage the analysts:

  • acquire videos and data related to the operator’s movement in the vicinity of the work stations, (movement of the limbs, torso inclinations, etc) as well as, data from the environment (brightness, noise etc),

  • the ultimate goal is to trace the movements of the worker and analyze the process  steps in order to optimize the execution making the interaction between man, machine and the work environment more fluid and harmonious.
    From these considerations, the LINUP SrL Innovative StartUP was created, in January 2015 in Italy, with this project idea: the creation of an integrated system using the operator as a human vehicle to acquire independently and reliably the information about its activities by eliminating the external analyst’s intervention through the implementation of an integrated hardware and software suites (LINUP Desk) which acquires all the data and translates it  into a complete report of the  analysis:

    – smart view glasses, fitted with LinUP Glasses
    – app for smarphone on amn Android platform LinUP Smart
    – sensors which allow the aquisition of data that currently are acquired manually and are disconnected LinUP Sensors
    Our idea is covered by two international patents.

The realization of this idea not only allows to analyze the work place and its environment in terms of brightness and noise, but also the logistic flows internal and external to the plant, tracing the movements of human resources, the type of exchange, the car transmissions and independent professional maintenance, all from an ergonomic point of view and organization.