Reduce waste to increase the profitability of the work

Innovative System

The LinUP product can:

  • Reduce waste, die changing, working hours of employees  in the manufacturing field.

  • Improve the ergonomy of the work place

  • Manage in a profitable way the maintenance operations

  • Optimize the logistic flows

Company Profile

These are the suites of LinUp system.

Discover what is.


LinUP offers highly qualified consultancy for:

-the implementation of lean production tools;

-engineering of new products and / or processes;

– internal logistics and balancing flows / lines;

– designing and ergonomic verification of the workplace;

– monitoring of production processes.


LINUP in collaboration with Quanta Employment Agency SpA and the ICT Skills Development Network, focuses on giving business services and expertise regarding various topics and areas of intervention, ensuring the management of the entire account service training and the account system, from design and delivery, to monitoring and auditing, and reporting of training programs funded by Interprofessional Funds.

    LinUP Srl StartUP Innovativa

    via Ex Aeroporto, snc
    c/o Consorzio Il Sole Lotto T
    80038 Pomigliano D’Arco (NA)

    P.IVA 07984061213
    tel. 081 803 66 77
    fax 081 317 75 13

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